Old Blue Box Quest
NPC "Old Man" is located in the water near the west portal in Comodo.  When you talk to him he will offer advise.  Make your choice and listen to his advice.  Talk to him again and he will say that he has no more business with you. In blue text it says you feel that there is something you have missed.  Talk to him repeatedly until he tells you to come back later.  Sometimes he responds quickly other times you may have to talk to him 20-30 times.  He will then ask you to bring him some items.  50 Cyfars, 10 Brigans, 5 Clam Shell, 10 Crab Shell.  Even though he tells you he wants 5 Clam Shells he really needs 15.  For these items he will give you 1 OBB. 
WARNING!!!  DO NOT choose the menu option "Give me my items old man!"  This will cause the NPC to refuse to talk to you.  Some say that it can be fixed with a quest, others say that he will talk to you eventually if you keep trying.  I have not tested this yet.

Dream Merchants

Town Quests

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Bard's Tale Quest
Talk to the Bard in Geffen east of the spawn point.  Ask him to play song.  When he asks what kind, choose upbeat song.  After he sings it will say that he forgot one line. Then he will ask or your help. Choose "Sure, No Problem".  He will send you to find Gunther Doubleharmony and tell him that Minty Errende forgot the 8th line of the song "At One, I Fall in Love".  When you talk to him again he will tell you that he has lost his heart to sing.
Go to Payon and find Gunther Doubleharmony near (180, 172).  He will ask you to type in the exact name of the song which is At One, I Fall in Love and who sent you, Minty Errende.  He will then scribble something on your back.

Go back to the bard in Geffen, and he will say the lyric has changed, but he can't remember who changed it. He will ask you for the lyric.

Go back to Gunther Doubleharmony in Payon, and he will tell you that Kino Kitty changed the lyrics.

Go back to Minty Errende, and type in Kino Kitty.  When he asks for your help again, choose "I can, so stop crying".  Then he will tell you that someone at the Monster Society in Juno can help you find Kino Kitty.

Go to Juno near (96, 183) and go inside the building. Speak to NPC Representative and he will tell you that Kino Kitty is in Morroc.

Go to Morroc, Kino Kitty is near (134, 110), standing next to a little girl. Talk to him, and choose "sorry for interrupting", then "I'm looking for Kino Kitty". He will send you to the bookstore in Juno to find an old book of edda with the original lyrics.

Go back to the bard in Geffen first, and he will give you the Seal of Friendship mark on your LEFT arm, and then tell you to go to Mr. Sketzi's bookstore in Juno.

Go to Mr Sketzi's bookstore in Juno near (263, 90). Show the man behind the counter your LEFT arm. Then he will let you read the books, look for and read the Old Book in the corner. Your character will make note of the 8th line which is "At Eight, We're Both in Love".

Go back to Minty Errende in Geffen, he will sing his song and give you EXP for helping him.   (This quest gives 2% experience at ANY level.)

Piano Key Quest

There are 6 Keys you must find!

1. The first piano key is north of the kafra (who is about in the center of town) his name is "Alreg" and he is a dead NPC (they look funny). He will bite you a take a lot of HP, so be prepared.  Remember there are also monsters in the town.

2. The next key is inside the bar or pub (ask the guide NPC and he will show you, the awning outside has a witch in a moon on it) and inside talk to NPC "Kuzkahina" if you talk to him again he will give you the second key.

3. Inside a building, north of the bar is an NPC named "Crayu". He will sing a song for you and if you talk to him again he will ask you to repeat a line of the song. Do this correctly and you get the third key.  The song lyrics are:
    1. Mountain sunset to the west
    2. Where purple dusk falls
    3. Surrounded by beautiful melody
    4. You become the key that ignores its master

4. The next NPC doesnt have a name or even a body to speak of. Its a grave in the southern part of town at 170, 73. There will be a speech bubble on the ground above the grave in question. The easiest way to find the key is to click the bubble as you are moving. A window will open saying that something is sticking out of the ground, pull it out and you have the 4th key.

5 & 6. There are two in a grave north east of the fourth key at 207,102. Same deal here, just do it twice.

After you get all the keys go north around the top of the city headed east. (There will be a spirit who can summon ridewords if you aren't careful, the only way to talk to it safely is by choosing 3, 2, 3, and 4 it will give you a choice of actions.)  
South of there is a bridge that leads up. Follow it to a house where upstairs you will find a piano. After you insert the keys they disappear from your inventory and it says there is a seventh space. Talk to it again and you will be warped to a small room with the witch in the center. She will tell you that this city is far too dangerous for the living and warp you back to Umbala. No matter how many times you do this, you will always go back to Umbala, although you do not need to collect the keys again. Pointless quest, but maybe someday it will do something.

Piano Quest submitted by: Raala

Traveling to Turtle Island
Talk to the Sailor NPC located near (91,70) in south-west Alberta. 
Then go to the Alberta Inn near (61,233).  In the room on the right you will find the "Turtle Grandpa" NPC.  Talk to him and ask, "How Can I Get There?"  Then you can talk to the Sailor NPC again and pay 10,000 zeny and go to Turtle Island.
Umbala Language Quest
You must speak to the Village Leader NPC located inside a hut in north-west Umbala.  To start the quest you must be wearing a face mask of some kind (Mr. Smile, Goblin, etc.)  He will ask you to bring him 10 Oil Paper, 5 Smooth Paper, 1 Feather of Birds and 1 Squid Ink.  Once you bring the items back you will be able to talk to the NPC's in the village.
Amatsu Dungeon Quest
Inside a house east of the south castle bridge is where the Lord's Mother lives. Talk to her, she will kick you out of her house. 
Now talk to both of the guard NPC's standing outside of her house. 
Next talk to the Lord of Amatsu NPC located on the 4th level of Amatsu castle.  He will try to send you away but, mention his mother and he will ask you to cure his mother.
Find the NPC "Kouji" that is located south-east of the Lord Mother's house.
Go north to Amatsu field and enter the building in the northern part of that map.  Talk to NPC "Fox Mask" and he will tell you how to cure the Lord's Mother.
Go back to the Lord Mother's house and keep talking to her until you scare the away the fox that has possessed her. 
Return to the 4th level of the castle and talk to the Lord of Amatsu he will show his gratitude by giving you a "Feudal Lord Permit". 
Go upstairs with the permit in your inventory and ask the NPC to open the gate.  He will warp you to the dungeon.
WARNING!!! The Feudal Lord Permit can not be transfered to another player to be used.  If you drop, sell or give your permit away speak to NPC, "Jiro" on the first floor of the castle.  He will give you another permit for 10,000z.

Sashimi Knife Quest
Go to Amatsu Sushi Bar north-west of the spawn.  Go inside and talk to the NPC "Sushi Master".  The 3rd option in the dialogue window asks you to help the master with something.  When you choose this he will ask you to bring him certain items and when you return you will be rewarded. 
10 Candy = 15 Raw Fish
10 Conch = 20 Sushi
10 Fish Tail = 15 Raw Fish and 20 Sushi
10 Crab Shell = 20 Sushi
1 China = 20 Sushi
100 Heart of Mermaid = 50 Sushi and 50 Raw Fish
The secret is to bring the items requested until he has asked you to bring 100 Heart of Mermaid three times.  The 3rd time he will thank you and give you a Sashimi Knife.  Wind property weapon, Required level 48, increases the chances of getting sushi or raw fish when killing a fish monster.
WARNING!!!  DO NOT bring more items than the Sushi Master requests.  If you have 50 Candy in your inventory he will take all of them.  However, it will only count towards the 10 he originally asked for.
Hair Style Change Quest
The "Hair Dresser" NPC is inside the building in Alberta near (137, 37). To change your hairstyle you will need to bring several different items:
100 Black Hair (Sohee)
100 Glossy Hair (Miyabi Doll)
100 Golden Hair (Marionette)
100 Daenggie (Munak)
100 Short Daenggie (Bongun)

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